4 Tips To Becoming A Better Morning Person

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In a perfect world, we would all be morning people where we would wake up calm, refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Unfortunately that’s not the case.  Many of us have hectic morning routines that are considered a success if we get out the door on time without wearing our breakfast and in a semi-pleasant mood. With determination, self control and my 4 tips to becoming a better morning person, you will be able to tackle this daily challenge in no time!

Having a consistent sleep schedule is one of the best ways to ensure you’re getting quality, restful sleep. This can help you to set (or reset) your biological clock so your body knows when to rest and when to wake up. If you’re a major night owl, the solution isn’t as simple as going to bed two hours earlier as this may cause you to rebound between early and late bedtimes rather than creating a lasting change. Start by moving your bedtime forward by 15 minutes at a time until you establish a routine that you can maintain and gives you all of the shut eye that you need!

Eat and Drink Smart
Over eating and drinking before bed can have huge effects on the quality of your sleep and also how you feel when you wake up. This is particularly the case if you are eating greasy, high sugar, high carbohydrate foods such as big bowls of pasta, chocolate and custard etc. These foods can potentially send your stomach into overdrive  when the rest of your body is trying to settle down and get ready to rest.  As a result, you may wake up feeling tired, sluggish and lacking in energy. In order to become a better morning person, it is a good idea to eat dinner at least 2 hours before bed.

It’s All About Sound & Location
Finding the right alarm and where to put it can have an enormous impact on whether you wake in the morning. Try experimenting with different sounds, timing and location of your alarm clock. For example, try changing the sound to something pleasant and relaxed or have your alarm sitting on the other side of the room so you have to get up to turn it off. Another tactic to help you become a better morning person is setting your alarm five minutes earlier so you can slowly wake up and ease into your day without stress, anxiety and rush.

Exercise in the Morning
Want the real secret to becoming a morning person and avoiding the AM “slump”... EXERCISE! Yes, it may seem impossible if you find it hard enough getting out of bed as it is, but with willpower comes reward. Working out in the morning can provide so many benefits to your health including:

  • Improved metabolism
  • Increased physical and mental energy
  • Better sleep
  • Improved eating habits

Time to action these tips and trick yourself into becoming a better morning person. Good luck!

Stay Clear!  xox