5 Working Woman Beauty Hacks You Need To Know About!

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Going to the bathroom halfway through the day and seeing the result of your stressful morning isn’t always a pretty sight. Your face is either shiny, your hair has gone greasy, your lips have become dry or you have a growing pimple. Don’t worry, we have all been there! Below I have listed some of my secret beauty hacks on how to fix working woman beauty disasters with things you already have with you at the office.

Getting rid of shine
Being a #girlboss ain’t always easy. Hard work can sometimes result in building up a slight sweat and giving your face a glow that isn’t the good kind of glow! So what do you resort to when you are going from desk to dinner and you don’t have blotting papers on hand? Post-it notes! Post-it notes are surprisingly good at mopping up that unwanted shine. By gently dabbing your forehead and nose, you won’t lose your makeup or continue to look like you have a temperature! 

Hiding blemishes
Hiding blemishes when you have no concealer on hand can be a disaster. When you are speaking face to face with customers, or have an important meeting with your boss, a red raw pimple isn’t ideal. So what can you do for a quick fix? Ice, Ice baby! Holding an ice cube over blemishes for a few minutes may help to reduce swelling and allow your existing foundation to be blended over the top smoothly. To do this, use the centre of your middle finger and gently blend your makeup in and over the top.


Boosting hair volume
How does recently washed hair go greasy and flat in a matter of hours? This is something that a working woman doesn’t have time for especially when she needs to look on top of her game! 

A quick fix without having to wash your hair or find somewhere that sells dry shampoo is using baby powder. Run to your nearest convenience store or chemist, turn your head over and shake some power through the back of your head and your roots. This can help dry up excess oil instantly and bring back some “voom voom”!

Fixing flakey lips
Forgot your beloved paw paw ointment and can’t deal with flakey dry lips for the remaining 5 hours of your day? Don’t worry! A baby wipe or alcohol-free cleansing wipe can help fix the problem! The texture is fine enough to remove that dry surface stuff without harming your delicate lips. It is the perfect portable fix and a lot better than biting your lip with your teeth to remove dead skin. Wipes can also be useful if you get makeup on your clothing. By dabbing the surface lightly, your makeup should absorb into the wipe and disappear.


Taming flyaways
Another hair issue that would naturally be solved with products you have at home but not at work are those annoying little flyaways. All you need to do to sort those babies out is take a tiny dot of hand cream, work it between your fingers and then smooth it down your part and hairline. You can also use it to tame split ends.

Hope this helps with mid-day beauty crises!

Stay clear! xo