How To Get Glowing Skin Like Gigi Hadid

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Don’t leave me in the dark! I know I am not alone when it comes to crushing on Gigi Hadid. We all admire her luscious blonde locks and beautiful flawless skin, but what if I told you that we too can have it for ourselves? See below the secrets to getting glowing skin like Gigi Hadid.

When it comes to preparing Gigi’s skin for a face of makeup, it is all about the base and hydrating it with moisturiser. Moisturiser is the key to Gigi’s dewy, fresh faced look. Make sure when applying your moisturiser that you are using the right one for your skin type. If your skin is dehydrated and thirsty, you may need an intensive hydrating face cream. If your skin is overly oily, you may need one that is oil-free. 

Another secret beauty tip that sister Bella Hadid uses is spraying rose water mist after moisturising. (Click here for DIY Rose Water). Rose water can really help to hydrate the skin and give you that "natural, flawless glow".


Liquid Luminizer
Do you always notice how Gigi looks like she is lit from within? Well, we can blame that heavenly glow on liquid luminizer. Luminizer can brighten or bronze your complexion, soften problem spots and optimise dewiness. By applying just a touch of a champagne coloured luminizer to your entire face, you are on your way to that Gigi Hadid glow. 

*Tip - Whenever you apply bronzer over your foundation do you instantly become “cakey”? Skip the bronzer and try a bronzed-based luminizer. I promise, it could be a game changer for you!

Like moisturiser, foundation can be the make or break to your Gigi Hadid look. It is important that you use a sheer liquid foundation that offers medium but buildable coverage, which can leave the skin looking luminous. If you are trying to achieve the “Gigi-off-duty” look, dilute your foundation with moisturiser and apply using a soft makeup brush. This will help to get that flawless, Gigi skin texture.
*Tip - Make sure your foundation provides SPF protection. This is skincare 101! Not only will it protect your skin from sun damage, but it will hydrate and help with premature aging.


Believe it or not, Gigi is just like us, she gets pimples! Gigi’s trick to camouflaging these bad boys is concealer. For blemishes that are red and inflamed, a green based concealer is best. For those that are more purple or blue in colour, a pink based concealer is best. Gently dab your blemishes with a soft, thin brush or use the tip of your pinky finger to get the perfect coverage.

When it comes to contouring and highlighting, Gigi uses cream-based products to get that beautiful, seamless “non-cake-face” look. By dipping a makeup brush into the cream and then blending it beneath the cheekbones with four or five brushes (in a tick shape) you will be contouring your face and giving it some dimension without going overboard.

Have fun perfecting the Gigi Hadid glow!

Love, ClearMe Skin Xo