Skin Mistakes You Don't Know You Are Making

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Are you doing everything you can to achieve clear skin but you still seem to be breaking out? Sometimes we treat our skin the best way we know how, but often we make mistakes without even realising it! See below some common skin "boo-boo's". 

1. Over Exfoliating

Many people think using chemical exfoliators aggressively will help their acne, when in fact it could actually be making it worse. Over exfoliation can strip the skin and lead to inflammation. Instead you should use a gentle exfoliater that is all natural once or twice weekly.

2. Not Showering Straight After Working Out

Skipping the shower after your workout can make your skin the perfect breeding ground for body acne. If you wear a damp sports bra the moist material can push bacteria into the sebum glands, producing pimples. If you don't have time to jump into the shower straight away, use a baby wipe or cleansing cloth to wipe down your skin. 


3. Taking Hot Showers 

Who doesn't love taking a hot shower? While warm water helps open and clear your pores, if it is too hot, it can be very harsh on your skin and potentially burst capillaries.

4. Always Wearing Makeup

Many people make the mistake of wearing makeup all day, even if they are just lounging at home. If you wear makeup to work, remember to take it off as soon as you get home. Lounging around with makeup on for too long can clog your pores with bacteria and oils.

Stay clear! XO