5 Concealer Uses You Didn't Know About

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No one’s skin is perfect! Everyone has those annoying bumps, scrapes and imperfections that they wish weren’t there. Despite that, our skin is what makes us unique and protects us from all the bad stuff the world throws at us. However, there is no harm in wanting to look flawless from head to toe! Below I have listed my 5 favourite uses of concealer that you didn’t know about.

1. Pimples:

When trying to cover up pimples, concealer is your go-to! However, there is an art to doing this. First and foremost, you need to be applying the right coloured concealer.

If your pimples are red and inflamed, a green-based concealer is best suited as it will neutralise the colours. If your pimples have a more dark blue or purplish tone, you should be using a pink-based concealer.

Method: After applying your foundation, apply concealer using a gentle brush that has a small pointy end. Alternatively, use the tip of your pinky. Once you have covered your little friend/s, apply a translucent powder using a big fluffy brush in sweeping motions. This will set the concealer and help it stay in place.


2. Bad Fake Tan:

When it comes to the fifth day of your fake tan and your neck is looking like alligator skin and you have a last minute dinner date… call on your concealer, girl!

Method: Mix your concealer with a little bit of moisturiser so that it goes a lot further and can be applied easily. Using a brush similar to the size of your bronzer brush, lightly dab your patchy fake tan until it blends in and is disguised. Keep layering until you are satisfied with the coverage. Lastly, set it by lightly brushing some bronzer over the top. This will help to even out the uneven tones and set the concealer in place for the night.

3. Red Irritations/ Sunburn

While you should ALWAYS be wearing sunscreen, I understand that sometimes accidents happen and a girl can forget! To help cover up that beet-red skin, use a combination of a SPF moisturiser and a fragrance-free concealer with a green base.

Method: Firstly, apply your SPF based moisturiser and let it soak into the skin. Secondly using a large, very gentle brush, lightly dab the area with the green based concealer. Keep repeating until you are satisfied with the coverage.

4. Shaving Cuts

Cutting your leg before a night out or a birthday lunch can be so frustrating. What are you supposed to do about a brand new gapping scab on your knee? … Concealer that cut!

Method: Before applying your concealer make sure your cut isn’t bleeding, otherwise you will be putting makeup into the open wound. When the cut is completely dry, apply moisturiser to create a barrier so the concealer won’t irritate it. Just like you would to your sunburn, lightly dab some concealer on the area using a large gentle brush.


5. Eyelid Veins and Redness

Don’t feel like wearing makeup, but also don’t want to look like a zombie? That can easily be fixed!

Method: Using your foundation brush, sweep a thin layer of concealer on the skin below your eyes. 

Now that you are equipped with my 5 favourite uses of concealer, you can feel confident and carefree no matter what bump, lump or blemish you have. That being said, don’t forget by cleansing daily and applying me at least once a week, you can stay clear and blemish free.

Stay clear! XO