4 Things To Never Put On Your Face

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Are you longing for clear skin? Stay away from these no-no's!

1. Hairspray
You may have heard from a friend of a friend that hairspray works SO well to set your makeup, so you have been lavishly spraying it on and supposedly saving money. This is a big no-no because hairspray contains lacquers and alcohol that may dry out your skin and irritate it, making it look red and bumpy. 

2. Body Lotions
Although it would be amazing to just slap one lotion on your entire body and be done with it, these aren't the best when it comes to your face. Most body lotions are designed to target dry skin so are generally quite thick. They also typically contain a lot more fragrance which could irritate your skin and cause breakouts. Pick a facial moisturiser that suits your skins needs. Natural ones are a great place to start!


3. Hair Serum

Oils have built up a great rep recently. However, the hair serum or oil you use on your hair isn't the same one you should be using on your face. Your hair has different needs to your skin, and hair serums are not designed to treat breakout prone skin or prevent wrinkles! Many are also heavily fragranced, so again can be a source of irritation.

4. Shampoo
It can be super tempting to cleanse your face with shampoo if you are already in the shower and washing your hair, but stay away from this! Shampoo is designed to clean your greasy, dirty hair and not your delicate skin. You may find your skin irritated, dry and flaky after using shampoo on your face.

Stay clear! XO