How To Identify Your Skin Type

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Are you unsure about what type of skin you have? Knowing your skin type can help you determine what your skincare routine should look like and what products best suit you. 

Dry Skin
  • You have small pores that are rough, flaky, often chapped
  • Your skin feels dry and tight
  • Any lines and wrinkles you have are more visible
Oily Skin
  • You have large pores
  • You are prone to getting blackheads often
  • You have an uneven skin tone
  • Your skin always feels greasy and looks shiny


Normal Skin

  • You have small to medium sized pores
  • Your skin feels neither dry nor oily
  • You usually have a clear complexion and your skin is easy to maintain 
Combination Skin
  • Your skin is oily in some places, but dry in others
  • You may have oily skin in your T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), while your cheeks are normal or dry
Now you have a better idea of what skin type you are you can start to treat it the right way with the right products! 

Stay clear! XO