Skin Tips For Vacation

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Breaking out on vacation is the last thing you want! See below my tips to keeping clean and clear over your holiday break.

1. Moisturise on the airplane: Airplane travel can dry your skin out and leave it feeling flaky.

2. Sunscreen is your staple: The sun's rays can damage your skin and promote faster aging. Make sure to apply sunscreen every day, even if it's cloudy outside. Remember to apply it everywhere.

3. Blot oil: Invest in some blotting paper to have ready when your skin gets a little oily. Sometimes a change in climate can disrupt your skin, blotting paper will help to keep your T zone oil free and fresh.


4. De puff your eyes: 
Travelling can take a toll on your skin, especially under your delicate eye area. If your eyes are looking a little puffy on arrival, place some crushed ice in a face wash towel and apply to your under eyes. This will instantly make you look and feel fresher. 

5. Don't touch your face often: Whilst on vacation you are touching lots of surfaces which can transfer bacteria to your face and make you break out easily. 

6. Cleanse your face daily: Being on vacation is no time to skip your daily routine. During holidays you spend lots of time in outside spaces and various locations, which exposes your skin to bacteria, pollution, and other potentially harmful elements. Cleanse at least twice daily to reduce break outs and blackheads. 

Stay clear! xo