What Is A Blackhead?

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What is a blackhead and why do they never seem to go away?! This is a question that I get asked a lot. See below my answer so you can treat them appropriately!

  • Blackheads are also called comedones, which is basically a collection of sebum and skin cells that are lodged in your pores.

  • Contrary to popular belief they aren't black because they are clogged with dirt. When your pores are open, oxygen in the air oxydizes the oils, turning them dark.

  • Blackheads are found below the skin's surface and require regular deep cleansing to remove them. Regular cleansers won't do the same job. 

To treat your blackheads you need to be cleansing every single day and masking at least once a week. My 100% natural clay mask will get deep down into your skin to loosen the dead skin cells and unclog your pores, also making them tighter to prevent future breakouts!

Stay clear! xo